Kristian Bent on Rolling Stone's monthly playlist

This genre-hopping list includes everyone from Goa’s breakout pop artist Kristian Bent, Mumbai’s newest dance producers Dirty Jays, Hindi hip-hop darling Naezy and many others.


((Excerpt from the Rolling Stone article)

When you announced Campfire Stories, I was excited. Come February, you released it. I must have heard it about 7-8 times in its entirety on train journeys in this urban jungle of Mumbai. Yet, the record took me to a place where there were mountains and cool breeze, small houses and empty streets, and an odd smile in the air. Odd, because we are not used to it. 

((Excerpt from the article)

Kristian Bent’s Campfire Stories is a travel in time and space

Kristian Bent featured in Rolling Stone India's March Edition!

How Goa Finally Got its Most Promising Indie Artist

While you could call that a labor of love, the record is more aptly described as a love letter, but to a place, not a person. Campfire Stories might be Bent’s breakout, but the album’s true star is Goa, which features explicitly in the lyrics of songs like “First Monsoon Rain” and is evoked sonically in others, like in the vernal strings on “Song With No Name.” Even album closer “Bus to Bangalore,” which seems as though it could be about a long-distance relationship, is directed at Goa.

((Excerpt from the Rolling Stone article)

Campfire Stories Launched!

From Goan sunsets to the raging monsoons. From passionate love to unruly desires. Campfire Stories is a compilation of 9 songs, about some of the darkest experiences to the brightest ones.

With a mix of cello, acoustic guitar and country blues overtones, Campfire Stories boasts of a sound that is fresh and hasn’t yet been covered.

Campfire Stories  was officially launched on February 18th, 2017 at Amantes Paraiso, Parra-Goa.

The album is available on Spotify, Saavn, iTunes and various other platforms.

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